Analyze the expression of up to 800 genes with NanoString services provided by Canopy Biosciences. Simply send us your samples, and we’ll return a detailed gene expression report in as few as two weeks. Choose from predesigned gene panels or design your own.

  • Analyze expression of up to 800 mRNAs, miRNAs, DNA regions, or proteins
  • Choose from our predesigned mRNA or miRNA panels or design your own
  • Send us your samples, and we’ll return a detailed expression report in as few as two weeks
  • Use NanoString for your challenging FFPE samples.
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Ordering is easy!

1. Select Your Gene Panel

Choose from one of our predesigned panels or design your own

2. Tell Us About Your Samples

  • Format (isolated RNA, FFPE, cell lysates, etc.)
  • Number of samples
  • Species

3. Choose Your Level of Data Analysis

Select from raw data or normalized, fold changes
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How NanoString Works

Diagram outlining the steps in a NanoString assay.

Panel Finder

Find the gene panels containing your gene of interest.


Predesigned Gene Panels Available:

Canopy Biosciences NanoString services are available for all of the NanoString predesigned gene panels. Want to know which panels contain your genes of interest? Use our PanelFinder above.

Panel Human Mouse Rat Genes
Neuropathology view view 770
Neuroinflammation view view 770
PanCancer Pathways view view 770
PanCancer IO 360 view view 770
PanCancer Immune Profiling view view 770
Breast Cancer 360 view 770
PanCancer Progression view 770
Myeloid Innate Immunity view view 770/754
Immunology view view 594/561
Kinase view 536
Inflammation view view 255/254
Cancer Reference view 233
Stem Cell view 199
Adaptive Immunity view 192
Innate Immunity view 192
Cellular Profiling view 192
Cancer Metabolism view 192
RNA-DNA Damage and Repair view 192
Wnt Pathways view 192
Cellular Signaling view 192
miRNA view view view 800/600/400
Fibrosis view view 821
CAR-T Characterization view 770
Autoimmune Discovery view 755
Autoimmune Profiling view view 835
Alzheimer’s Disease view view 762
Metabolic Pathways view view 748

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