Research tools for gene editing, gene
expression, and bioprocessing

About Canopy Biosciences

Canopy Biosciences is an emerging life science company located in the Cortex Innovation District of St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2016 by industry veterans in biomedical research and genetic engineering, Canopy has successfully identified cutting-edge technologies from some of the world’s most respected academic institutions and rapidly brought them to market as innovative products and services.

From the pages of Nature to the bench in your lab

Canopy Biosciences partners with leading labs at universities across the globe, including Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of California, Berkeley. We license the most ground-breaking technologies, bring them out of individual labs and make them accessible to researchers everywhere.

Portfolio of cutting-edge technologies

Canopy licenses technologies that complement and reinforce our existing offerings, becoming a part of a groundbreaking portfolio of products.

Expertise in Commercialization

Canopy’s team was built around sales and marketing veterans in the life science industry. We know how to get new products in front of researchers and effectively communicate not only the detailed technical information behind how they work, but also how these products will help their research.

Global distribution network

Canopy has built a network of distributors spanning the entire globe.


Streamlining new technologies into easy-to-use kits

Even the most straightforward technologies can be difficult and time-consuming to set up in a lab setting. Canopy takes even the most complex technologies and makes them simple by providing easy-to-use kits.


Get tomorrow’s technologies with just a few clicks

Research moves fast, and identifying the right products and formats can be a frustrating and time-consuming process for the bench scientist. Canopy makes it simple. With powerful tools such as our PanelFinder search tool, we dynamically suggest the optimal product for your research and make it simple to order.

Partner with us

Do you use a technology in your lab that you want to share with the world? Have a suggestion for new research tools that could help accelerate your research? Let us know!


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