Glial Profiling

Human and Mouse

Comprehensively study the role of astrocytes, microglia and oligodendrocytes in healthy and diseased samples with the Glial Profiling panel. The 770 genes on this panel cover glial cell biology that is involved in both homeostasis and disease. Study key pathways such as Cell Stress & Damage Response, Glial Regulation, Inflammation & Peripheral Immune Invasion, Glial Homeostasis & Activation and Neurotransmission. This panel is a powerful tool in the search for gene expression changes in a variety of neuroscience applications.



Profile 770 genes across over 50 pathways involved in glial cell biology


Quantify the abundance of 5 Central Nervous System cell types and 14 peripheral immune cells in a single sample


Study the function and interaction of glial cells with other genes involved in key pathways of neuroimmunology

Details & Data

Neurodegeneration, Neuroinflammation and Traumatic Brain Injury

There is a complex interplay between glial cells, peripheral immune cells and neurons associated with neurodegenerative & neuroinflammatory disorders and neurotrauma such as stroke, spinal cord injury or TBI. The nCounter Glial Profiling Panel enables rapid and comprehensive analysis of astrocytes, microglia and oligodendrocytes to assess the impact of these indications on brain tissue.

Cell Stress & Damage Response
127 Human/134 Mouse genes
Glial Regulating Pathways
178 Human/180 Mouse genes
Inflammation & Peripheral Immune Invasion
187 Human/188 Mouse genes
Glial Cell Homeostasis & Activation
317 Human/310 Mouse genes
215 Human/211 Mouse genes
AngiogenesisCalcium SignalingAntigen Processing & PresentationAi Astrocyte Microglial MarkersCannabinoid Signaling
ApoptosisCircadian SignalingCell MigrationA2 AstrocyteMyelogenesisCholinergic Synapse
AutophagyInsulin SignalingChemokinesAstrocyte Differentiation/FunctionNeurotrophin SignalingDopaminergic Synapse
Cell CycleIon TransportComplement SystemAstrocyte MarkersOligodendrocyte Differentiation/MaturationGABAergic Synapse
HypoxiaJAK-STATCytokinesBlood Brain BarrierOligodendrocyte MarkersGultamatergic Synapse
NO Metabolism & SignalingLipid MetabolismInflammasomeCytoskeletal DynamicsPrimed MircogliaNeuroactive Ligands & Receptors
Oxidative & Nitrosative StressMAPK & MI3KInterferon SignalingGAP JunctionStage 1 DAMNerogenesis
Proteotoxic StressTGF-Beta SignalingNK-kappaB SignalingGlucose MetabolismStage 2 DAMNeuronal Markers
Wnt SignalingPhagosytosisHomeostatic MicrogliaPulnergic Signaling
T Cell SignalingMicroglia Nerodegenerative Phenotype (MHnD)Serotonergic Synapse

Cell Function: Assessing abundance of CNS and Peripheral Immune Cells

Genes included in the Glial Profiling panel profile unique cell profiling data for measuring the relative abundance of 5 central nervous system cells and 14 peripheral immune cell types in a single sample.

Cell Type Summary# of genes
B cells9
CD45+ cells1
CD8T cells2
Cytotoxic cells10
Dendritic cells3
Endothelial cells9
Exhausted CD84
Mast Cells4
NK CD56dim cells4
NK cells2
T cells6
Th1 cells1

Genes in panel

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