A growing number of protein therapies are becoming more and more available for patient use, resulting in the need for controlled and consistent manufacturing. Because of the strict product quality and safety requirements, downstream purification of biologics is costly, often creating a major bioprocessing bottleneck (Lightfoot et al. 2004). As a result, it is critical to choose a host cell protein detection (HCP) kit that can detect an extensive range of host cell protein (high coverage) to prevent an adverse immune response. It is also important that the HCP detection kits exhibit negligible lot-to lot variability to reduce cost due to conflicting results in the bioprocess. Canopy’s CHO Host Cell Protein Detection Kit was engineered by a bioprocessing scientist to specifically address problems with inconsistencies of current HCP kits and to ultimately reduce cost in biomanufacturing.

Lightfoot EN, Moscariello JS. Bioseparations. Biotechnol Bioeng.

Canopy HCP CHO Datasheet
Please click on the link below to open a PDF discussing the competitive advantage of our HCP CHO detection antibody.
Canopy’s CHO HCP Kit vs Leading Competitor


Used for the blocking the cross-reactivity between anti-CHO HCP antibodies and monoclonal antibody drugs. Polyclonal antibody supplied at 1 mg/ml.


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