*Diagram Description

Pathways of the PanCancer Pathways Panel. Circles represent each of the 13 canonical pathways and show the number of genes selected for the panel in relationship to the total number of known genes identified for each pathway. The lines have been drawn to show the relative overlap of genes that belong to multiple pathways, with thickness of line relating to number of shared genes.

The Pancancer Pathway Panel allows you to conduct multiplex gene expression analysis with 770 genes per sample from 13 cancer-associated canonical pathways including: MAPK, STAT, PI3K, RAS, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, Hedgehog, Wnt, DNA Damage Control, Transcriptional Regulation, Chromatin Modification, and TGF-ẞ.

• Highly multiplexed analysis of basic cancer biology and pathway deregulation activity
• Measure treatment effects on pathways
• Rapidly and easily screen samples for biomarker discovery or drug mechanism of action studies
• Examine cancer escape mechanisms