Non-Human Primates Immunology

Non-Human Primates

Non-Human Primate (NHP) research is critical to provide insight into the functionality of drugs and vaccines in development. However, these studies are costly so getting the maximum biological information out of each sample in a cost-effective and robust manner is crucial. The NHP immunology panel includes 770 genes key to immune responses and immune-related signaling pathways. Species coverage includes Rhesus Macaque, Cynomolgus Macaque and Green Monkey.



Ideal for vaccine development, transplant research, immuno-oncology, toxicology and other research areas where NHPs are important research subjects


Coverage across top NHP species and 18 immune related signaling pathways


All genes on the panel maintain 100% cross-reactivity in humans for a highly conserved research subject study

Details & Data

NHP Immunology Gene Content

Panel content for the NHP Immunology panel includes the functional annotations of 18 key immune-related signaling pathways. The genes within these pathways achieve nearly 100% cross-reactivity to their human gene counterparts, making this a powerful tool for extracting incredibly valuable information from this research subject species. Now, you have a tool that can have true world impacts on vaccine development, drug treatment efficacy studies and IO and transplant research, among others, given this conservation. Take your NHP research to human trials faster than ever with the NHP nCounter panel.

Immune Signaling PathwaysGenes
Non-canonical NF-kB38
Extracellular matrix organization40
Fc Epsilon Receptor Signaling73
Death Receptor Signaling18
Complement Cascade26
Interferon Signaling64
Signaling by VEGF56
Signaling by Wnt20
Cell Cycle19
IFN-alpha/beta Pathways34
Signaling by Interleukins89
Innate Immunity21
Cellular Response to Stress31
Adaptive Immunity142
MAPK Signaling52

Genes in panel

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Non-Human Primates Immunology



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