GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling

Quickly access spatial biology with our GeoMx Service.

  • Morphologically guided gene expression profiling
  • Pre-designed panels for RNA and protein analysis
  • Comprehensive end-to-end service with expertise in IHC, pathology, sequencing and nCounter

Your data awaits.

Simultaneously profile 100s-1000s of targets with spatial resolution in multiple regions of interest in your tissue sample. Canopy’s digital spatial profiling service for NanoString’s GeoMx platform enables morphologically-guided gene expression profiling for tissue using their predesigned panels. You provide tissue blocks or slides for processing, select your panel and read out method- and we take care of the rest!

A simple workflow for complex assays

From staining, through ROI selection to readout, Canopy has your back- working to understand experimental goals to better advise on ROIs and providing an overview of the analysis suite so you can get the most out of your experiment.

The Spatial Biology Solution™

The GeoMx DSP platform is a flexible spatial solution for your discovery or translational research needs. This technology performs simultaneous in situ spatial analysis of proteins or mRNAs from a single tissue section. Focused regions of interest shed light on the true biology of your sample.

Get more data out of each sample by selecting multiple regions of interest (ROIs). ROIs from different sections of tumor and microenvironment are analyzed individually to provide a clear picture of what is happening biologically where.

Explore biology with more targets and analytes than ever before, getting publishable data faster.

Interrogate the entire transcriptome.

NanoString’s Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) panel is the perfect tool for transcriptome interrogation. With 18,000+ human targets and 21,000+ mouse targets (coming soon!), these panels unlock new pathways to be explored and enable profiling in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and developmental biology- as well as other diverse fields!

Use spatial information to profile your tissue, then interrogate the transcriptome in those regions of interest for unprecedented resolution.

The essential tool for spatial genomics

The Cancer Transcriptome (CTA) panel from NanoString profiles over 1800 targets critical to oncology and immuno-oncology research. It’s designed for all aspects of tumor and tumor microenvironment biology- profile global immune response, assess immune activity, and quantify tumor reactivity to immune response or therapeutic treatments. Covering over 55 pathways critical to oncological annotations, the CTA is your essential tool for spatial genomics in oncology.

High-plex Spatial Proteomic Analysis

Protein panels are available for high-plex proteomic analysis using the GeoMx DSP. With an nCounter read out, they are smaller than the RNA assays, but high impact with module add-on’s upping the target number. Core panels can be run stand alone or with the additional modules. The Immune Cell Profiling Core panel is a key tool for IO research, with 7 modules targeting immune activation, IO drug targets, signaling transduction, and tumor markers. The Neural Cell Profiling Core panel has 5 available modules focused on neurodegenerative disease pathology, autophagy and glial cells.

Interested in learning more about these protein panels?

Spatial resolution meets molecular profiling

Biology-based segmentation and visualization paired with molecular profiling techniques result in a powerful gene expression tool. Spatial resolution of the changes in your tissue samples allow for precise assessment of your experimental system, identification of target biomarkers, and highlight minute differences between tumor and the tumor microenvironment.

Your partner, each step of the way

Canopy Bioscience’s GeoMx DSP services will take your research to the next level. With consultation throughout the workflow, we are committed to getting you the data you need to publish faster and make the next big discovery!

  • Live ROI selection with a Canopy scientist
  • Live Data Analysis Suite overview and QC results review
  • Pathology capabilities for IHC staining and block sectioning
  • Expertise in sequencing and nCounter workflows

Quickly access spatial biology with our GeoMx Service.

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