Vizgen MERSCOPE Spatial Transcriptomic Services

MERFISH technology on the MERSCOPE® Platform

MERFISH Multiplex Error-Robust Fluoroscence in situ hybridization provides highly multiplexed single-molecule imaging for spatially resolved transcriptomics. Use pre-designed panels targeted for neuroscience, oncology, and IO applications or design a custom panel for study-specific spatial transcriptomic analysis.

MERSCOPE RNA Spatial Imaging

Single molecule FISH (smFISH) technology uses fluorescently tagged oligos to label RNA transcripts, which are counted to determine each gene’s expression profile. MERFISH expands on smFISH by adding combinatorial labeling, sequential imaging, and error-robust barcoding to increase the multiplex capacity and spatially localize transcripts to map gene expression across whole tissues.

Alt text: MERSCOPE Platform Workflow outlining Canopy Spatial Services steps from panel design, sample processing and data delivery.
Fluorescence image of mouse small intestine FFPE tissue displaying ACE in blue, Slc34a in light blue, Plvap in green, Ms4a1 in dark pink, Satb1 in pink and Cxcl14 in yellow.

Broad Sample Types and Custom Options

While other spatial transcriptomic techniques are limited to human or mouse samples and oncology or IO applications, the custom panel design capability of the MERSCOPE platform makes this ideal for any species or tissue type. Whether your list of genes is targeted or extensive, custom panels can be designed to answer questions specific to your research area and sample type. Send us your custom gene list and we can design your MERFISH panel for our MERSCOPE spatial imaging services.

Easily Access Data Analysis

Vizgen makes data analysis accessible by offering their own software to visualize and analyze experiments. The MERSCOPE® Web Visualizer Software allows you to interactively view the full output of a MERSCOPE experiment, including detected transcripts, segmented cell boundaries, and high-resolution images. As a customer of Canopy Spatial Services, you will receive your data in the Web Visualizer for easy access to analysis tools. Explore the spatial distribution of transcripts across whole tissue sections, down the subcellular level. Turn transcripts on and off to focus on genes of interest to interpret biological insights based on gene expression. Use open source platforms to study single-cell data that maps back to spatial resolution within tissue samples.

FFPE tissue image analyzed using Vizgen Web Vizualizer software.
FFPE tissue image displaying MERSCOPE data from PanCancer panel.

Pre-designed Panels Available

Custom panel capabilities are a strength of the MERSCOPE platform, but having pre-designed panels available can take the guess work out of your analysis. Mouse Pan Neuro and Human Pan Cancer, Immuno-oncology and liver tumor panels are currently available, and additional panels are coming soon. These pre-designed panels provide curated lists of biologically relevant genes to enable cell typing and cellular function interrogation. Off-the-shelf panels provide the fastest path to results and can be cost effective options for those just starting out with MERFISH technology.


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