Canopy Biosciences Acquires Core Diagnostics
Zellkraftwerk joins Canopy Biosciences
Bringing you the newest technologies for biomedical research

Turning discoveries into products

Our product portfolio is a result of our strategic approach to identify great discoveries, validate results, and quickly commercialize products and services that will make an immediate impact on today’s biomedical research.

Gene Editing

Simplify gene editing by providing the
latest tools, custom kits, and full-service
cell line engineering

Gene Expression

Innovative technologies for high
throughput analysis of gene expression


Highly-reproducible, broad coverage
kits for HCP detection


All the power of CRISPR in one simple box

Tell us your gene of interest and the mutation you want to make, and we’ll custom-design a CRISPR kit including everything you need for your project.


Precisely quantify up to 800 genes in a single sample with our NanoString service

Analyze the expression of up to 800 genes with NanoString services provided by Canopy Biosciences. Simply send us your samples, and we’ll return a detailed gene expression report in less than two weeks.


Quickly confirm the elimination of HCPs with our simple ELISA

ELISA kits designed specifically to detect host cell proteins in your gene expression system.


Gene Expression remixed. Now at your command with the TUNR flexible Gene Editing System

The TUNR Flexible Gene Editing System from Canopy Biosciences allows you to precisely control the expression of your gene of interest. Our kits are custom-designed for your project and include everything you need to tune gene expression in your favorite cell line.


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