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Canopy Biosciences Acquires Core Diagnostics

Zellkraftwerk joins Canopy Biosciences

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Multi-Dimensional Immune Profiling

We’ve developed a multi-omic platform of services combining the latest, most cutting-edge technologies to study the Genome, Transcriptome, Proteome and Microbiome.


High plex biomarker imaging and spatial quantification with Chip Cytometry

Store your samples and reinterrogate new markers for up to two years when stored on our Zellsafe chips.


Precisely quantify up to 800 genes in a single sample with our NanoString service

Analyze the expression of up tp 800 genes with NanoString Services provided by Canopy Biosciences. Use our PanelFinder to help identify the right gene expression panel for your research.


Increase the sensitivity of your NGS by 100x with our RareSeq Service

Our RareSeq service is a complete offering for error corrected sequencing. RareSeq sample prep methodology and our NGS data analysis service gives you the accuracy and sensitivity you’ve been looking for.


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