ChipCytometry™ Assay Kits

ChipCytometry™ Assay Kits are specifically constructed to target biomarkers in immunology, oncology, and neurobiology applications and designed for use with the ZellScannerONE™ instrument. Each kit contains a complete set of primary antibodies which are applied to iterative cycles of staining. ChipCytometry™ Assay Kits make use of ready-to-use, reliable reagents to maximize your time spent in lab. Each kit has been validated in multiple sample types and is immediately available for your research application.

ChipCytometry™ Assay Kits offer a complete set of reagents and protocols for ChipCytometry assays to enable researchers to obtain quick, robust data.

Each kit includes:

Pre-validated fluorescently conjugated antibodies

Reagents and buffers for multiple ChipCytometry Assay runs

Optimized protocols to profile a variety of sample types

Assay KitsSample TypeSizeProduct #
Spatial Immune Profiling KitHuman FFPE10 reactionsAbKT-3001-10RXN

Spatial Immune Profiling Kit

The Spatial Immune Profiling Kit is designed for deep immuno-phenotyping of human FFPE samples with the ZellScannerONE™ instrument. Discover and quantify key immune cell populations. This kit contains Antibody Diluent, Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Fluorescence Quencher, and DNA Stains. Store all kit contents at 4°C, protected from light. Additional materials are required to run assays and must be purchased separately, including Chip Kits and Wash Buffer. This is a 14-plex antibody kit and consists of the following markers:

CD3, CD27, Ki-67, CD45, CD4, CD45RA, FoxP3, CD68, EpCAM, PD-1, CD8, PD-L1, Granzyme B, Nuclear counterstains


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