PanCancer Progression


Metastatic disease is the primary cause of death in cancer patients (Sleeman and Steeg 2010). As a result, drugs that inhibit metastatic transition or slow metastasis are greatly needed. NanoString has developed a PanCancer Progression Panel consisting of 770 genes that look at critical aspects of cancer progression allowing researchers to assess efficacy of anti-metastatic compounds in preclinical models. The panel allows for: Measurement of angiogenesis and response to inhibitors, assessment of extracellular matrix components and remodeling mechanisms, Detection of key genes that mark the epithelial to mesenchymal transition and evaluation of metastatic growth and suppression genes throughout tumor progression.

Panel benefits


770 genes analyzed in a single sample


Rapidly and easily screen samples for biomarker discovery or drug mechanism of action to support your research


Comprehensive gene expression analysis of cancer progression

Genes in panel

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Published use of this panel

Jonathan Sleeman and Patricia S. Steeg. Cancer metastasis as a therapeutic target. European Journal of Cancer, 2010; 46 (7): 1177-1180.