Precise Spatial Multiplexing:

ChipCytometry combines high-quality imaging with advanced image analysis software to enable a truly quantitative measure of each marker in your assay for every individual cell in your sample.

High-plex Spatial Immunology

ChipCytometry enables quantitative measure of virtually unlimited protein biomarkers on the same sample. With our innovative serial multiplexing, you can build your assay from the ground up and re-interrogate your sample for additional markers at a later point in time.

From Image to Dot Plot:

Convert image data into quantitative flow-like dot plots and phenotype each cell in your sample individually—whether it is a tissue sample or PBMCs.

Quantify the Toughest Markers:

Easily quantify both low-expressing and high-expressing protein biomarkers in the same sample with digital HDR imaging.

Open-Source Reagents:

The ChipCytometry platform is built on commercially available, fluorescently labeled antibodies. No need for tricky, proprietary conjugation chemistry—use the clones you already know.


The ZellScannerONE is a benchtop imaging system that allows you to bring the power of ChipCytometry to your lab.

Clinical Services:

Take your clinical trial to the next level with Canopy Bioscience’s Clinical Service Team. With our ChipCytometry clinical service, you can perform deep phenotyping on tissue samples or PBMCs from clinical trial patients.


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