Clinical Services

Canopy Biosciences is the exclusive provider of clinical services for our proprietary ChipCytometry platform, which enables high-plex analysis of protein biomarkers with true single-cell resolution in a variety of different sample types.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive service offering with full bioanalysis and reporting
  • Store & reinterrogate precious clinical samples in proprietary ZellSafe™ Chips
  • Works with tissue samples, PBMCs, whole blood, bone marrow aspirates, CSF, and more
breast tumor
rack of Zellsafe chips


1. Sample Logistics

Our proprietay ZellSafe™ Chips simplify clinical sample logistics. Sample preparation is easy and reliable, and samples are stable for up to 2 years for analysis or re-interrogation. We work with clinical sites or third-party central labs to collect and prepare samples for ChipCytometry analysis.

2. Data Collection

Select from our menu of assays or customize the perfect assay for your study. With ChipCytometry, you can quantify virtually unlimited protein biomarkers in your samples and maintain spatial and morphological information.

3. Automated Image Analysis

Powerful data, actionable insights. Our expert clinical services team provides comprehensive analysis reports so you can get the most out of your clinical study.


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