stylized graphic of ZellScannerONE equipment


The ChipCytometry Instrument

Canopy’s ZellScannerONE instrument is a fully integrated automated imaging system that enables quantitative measure of high-plex protein biomarker assays across a range of sample types.

Key Features

  • High resolution and high dynamic range imaging for the highest quality quantitative data
  • True single-cell resolution
  • Works with Tissue (FFPE & FF), PBMCs, Whole Blood, Bone Marrow Aspirates, CSF, and more
colon cancer


1. Sample Preparation

Load your sample on to our proprietary ZellSafe Chips, which enable serial delivery of reagents and preserve the integrity of the sample.

2. Data Collection

Stain, Image, Repeat: using simple, traditional staining protocols, samples are stained with a cocktail of up to five fluorescently labelled antibodies, then imaged before erasing the fluorescent signal and repeating the process over and over to generate a high-plex data set.

3. Auto Image Analysis

An automated imaging pipeline collects high resolution HDR images and overlays the images from each marker in the assay. Powerful AI-based software is used to quantify expression with true single-cell resolution. Phenotype each cell in your sample individually.

Precise Spatial Multiplexing

Phenotype each cell in your sample individually and maintain spatial and morphological information.

Deep Immuno-Phenotyping

Combine the highest quality imaging with the most advanced analysis software to address the toughest questions in immunology and immuno-oncology.


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