21-plex IO Spatial Phenotyping

Human FF Tissue

Designed for the study of human tumor samples. Get an in-depth look at the tumor and tumor microenvironment by quantitatively phenotyping more than 27 cell types and subtypes. Understand the spatial distribution of key immune cells and cancer cells, as well as quantify the expression of key clinically relevant biomarkers.

Check out the 21-plex IO Spatial Phenotyping Panel in action!



True single-cell resolution | Quantify the expression of every marker in the panel for each individual cell in your samples.


Precise Performance | Extensive validation and optimization means you can trust the results.


Re-interrogation | With Canopy's proprietary ZellSafe™ Chip technology, samples can be stored and re-interrogated for additional markers for up to two years.


Customizable | Don't see a marker that is critical for your research? Contact us to learn about designing a custom assay of virtually unlimited markers.

Marker List

Assay Panel (21-plex Target Markers overall)
CD3CD31CD56HER-2 (CD340)
CD11cCD45RACD279 (PD-1)Pan-CK

To customize the panel for your specific application, please contact us.

Details & Data

Each cell is segmented individually and the expression value for each marker in the assay is quantified for every cell. FCS data files are generated, and cell populations are determined using classic flow cytometry-like index sorting workflows.


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