Example t-SNE visualization of cells clustered by similar gene expression profiles. Image provided by 10x Genomics.

Single-cell RNA Sequencing Gene Expression Services

Resolve the complex cellular diversity of your samples

The single-cell gene expression service using 10x Genomics® Chromium X Series allows for single-cell transcriptome analysis profiling tens of thousands of cells. Unravel the cellular heterogeneity of each sample and explore biomarkers with single-cell gene expression analysis.

10x Genomics’ Single-cell Gene Expression Workflow for the Chromium X Instrument

Canopy has you covered for your single-cell RNA Seq projects.

Shown below is the overall workflow – from single-cell sample input, to single-cell partitioning and barcoding with the Chromium X instrument, on to sequencing of single-cell gene expression on the Illumina platform and finally data analysis and visualization via 10x Genomics’ Cell Ranger and Loupe Browser software.

Chromium system workflow for single-cell RNA-Seq. Image provided by 10X Genomics.
Chromium system workflow for single-cell RNA-Seq. Image provided by 10x Genomics.

Why Single-cell RNA Sequencing

Single-cell RNA Seq allows for gene expression profiling of thousands of individual cells. The advantage of single-cell RNA Seq is that this method permits researchers to better understand cellular diversity in complex systems by interrogating gene expression at single-cell resolution. This level of throughput for transcriptional analysis enables researchers to understand the characteristics of individual cells within a heterogeneous population.

Advances in molecular barcoding and microfluidics allow for easy and cost-effective gene expression profiling of up to tens of thousands of cells. We use 10x Genomics® Chromium™ X Series and Illumina® sequencing instruments for efficient, accurate and fast single-cell RNA Sequencing.

Tell us about your RNA Seq Project.

Human PBMCs annotated with Azimuth.
Human PBMCs annotated with Azimuth.

Single-cell RNA Sequencing Solutions for your Research

Single-cell RNA Seq allows for comprehensive profiling of heterogenous cells, including tumor and immune cells. Canopy’s single-cell RNA Seq service offers unbiased single-cell transcriptome 3’ gene expression profiling and sequencing solutions.

Key applications include …


  • Investigate tumor heterogeneity
  • Assess the tumor microenvironment
  • Identify rare cell types, treatment-resistant cells


  • Find new targets and unique cell-surface markers
  • Assess immune cell activation
  • TCR and BCR profiling

Identify Cell Types

  • Single-cell transcriptome data
  • Identify cell types present in a sample
  • Identify rare cell types

Accelerate Your Research with Help From Our Expert Scientists

Let Canopy’s expert scientists handle your precious samples for the single-cell RNA Seq workflow:

  • Input includes 10x Genomics gel beads, reagents and single cells in suspension
  • Barcodes included via single-cell 3′ gel beads
  • Barcoding allows adding extra layers of information to each cell, including a sequencing barcode, a 10x Genomics® barcode for up to 3.6M barcode sequences, a Unique Molecular identifier and a poly-dT capture sequence
  • Digital gene expression profile from each partitioned cell
Single-Cell Encapsulation and Library Preparation.
Single-cell Encapsulation and Library Preparation. Cells are encapsulated into Gel Beads-in-Emulsion (GEMs) by the 10x Chromium X, which is then followed by reverse transcription and library preparation to generate a pool of cDNA libraries. Transcripts from the same cell will be identified by a 10x barcode, while each of these transcripts will be discernible from one another by a Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI). Image provided by 10x Genomics.

Your Partner for Single-cell Work

We can meet your single-cell sequencing needs for basic and clinical research. Partner with Canopy to add the Chromium Single-cell Gene Expression assay to your study and accelerate your research with single-cell data and key insights into changes in gene expression.

Send your samples to us and we can provide your lab with an end-to-end solution for Single-cell RNA Sequencing projects.

  • 10x Genomics’ unbiased single-cell transcriptome 3′ gene expression profiling that enables discovery
  • High throughput Illumina sequencing
  • Simplify your work by partnering with us for your single-cell RNA Seq projects
  • Receive in-depth single-cell gene expression data

Working with Canopy

Let our professional staff execute on your project providing the highest quality data for your next study!

Review our Sample Submission Guidelines for instructions on input amounts, how to ship it and where to send your samples.

Fill out our Project Document and Sample Key with every project.

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