Molecular structure of DNA featuring double helical structure and base pairs

Nucleic Acid Extraction Services

Quality, Expertise, and Flexibility

  • Fast turn around time
  • Experience with a variety of sample types
  • Stringent QC post extraction
  • Easy submission process and constant communication
  • Custom protocol capabilities

Why outsource extractions?

Nucleic acid isolation lies at the beginning of any molecular biology workflow and this step is integral to the success of downstream assays. Ensuring that RNA and DNA extractions are done correctly with the highest yield and nucleic acid integrity is imperative. Choose an experienced partner for this critical step.

Standard RNA Extraction protocol workflow featuring spin columns
CRO Services lab handling bar coded tubes with blood samples for nucleic acid extraction workflow

Experience that matters

Canopy Biosciences has a proven track record of quality and expertise in extraction services in conjunction with our NanoString and RNA Seq portfolio. Now, it is available as a stand-alone service!

We have experience with a variety of samples including:

  • Tissue: Fresh frozen, FFPE, preserved in RNAlater
  • Blood: PAXgene, Tempus, preserved in RNAlater, preserved in RNAprotect
  • Cells: frozen, lysis buffer, preserved in RNAlater
  • Dual DNA/RNA extractions from tissue, cells or FFPE
  • Plasma, serum, urine
  • And more!

Quality assured

It’s been established how important the extraction step is to downstream workflows. But what’s also critical is the methodolgy to QC the extracts. Across the multiple Canopy Biosciences lab facilities, we employ a variety of technologies to accurately QC the isolation we’ve performed. Armed with this information, and our extensive experience in genomic assays, we can work with you on downstream experiments.

Trusted results, accurate read outs, knowledgeable next steps.

Common nucleic acid extraction QC instruments including Bioanalyzer instrument, NanoDrop, and Quibit

Next Steps

Canopy is a premier service provider of several gene expression technologies including NanoString nCounter, RNA & DNA sequencing. Let us help you with your next project!

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