ELISA Kits for Simple HCP Detection

The HCP detection kits provided by Canopy Biosciences allow you to detect the presence of host cell protein impurities in your therapeutic at any phase of your product development. Our ELISA kits are designed specifically for HCP detection in your gene expression system. All reagents needed to quantify host cell protein contamination for up to 24 samples are included.

  • Detect and quantify HCP concentrations at any point in your purification process
  • ELISA-based: quick, familiar format with high sensitivity
  • HCP Kits for multiple gene expression systems, including CHO, E. coli, Pichia, and Protein A
  • 96-well plate coated with capture antibody
  • HCP standards
  • Reporting antibody
  • Streptavidin-HRP conjugate
  • TMB substrate
  • 5x dilution buffer, 10x PBS-T, stop solution and plate sealers also included.

Host cells used as expression systems in biopharmaceutical products contain hundreds to thousands of host cell proteins (HCPs). It is crucial to sufficiently remove HCPs from your biologic early, as high concentrations can affect the safety and efficacy of the drug. The FDA regulates that HCPs should be reduced to low levels.

Assay Principle: The Canopy Biosciences HCP detection kits are based off of “sandwich” ELISA methods. HCP antibodies are immobilized to 96 well plates. Samples are added, and HCPs are bound by the antibodies. Biotinylated HCP antibody is then added, followed by strepavidin-HRP, which binds to biotin. TMB substrate is then added, and HRP catalyzes the conversion of TMB to a colored product. The reaction is then stopped and read on a standard colorimetric plate reader.