ST. LOUIS, June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Canopy BiosciencesTM, LLC, an emerging provider of gene editing and personalized medicine technologies, announced today that it has launched a service for high throughput gene expression analysis. Based on the NanoString nCounter platform, the service works with a large array of sample types, including formats such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE), which have been difficult to analyze by more traditional quantitative PCR. The power of this technology is underscored by its use in prognostic and diagnostic development such as Merck’s Prosigna, a gene expression array to assess breast cancer subtypes.

Canopy has paired this genome monitoring service with its genome editing capabilities, exemplified by the recent licensing of the TUNR Flexible Gene Editing technology from Washington University and Johns Hopkins University.

Canopy’s NanoString service offers a simple, web-based ordering tool. Researchers are able to choose from one of NanoString’s pre-made gene panels or design their own custom panel. Each panel enables the simultaneous measurement of over 700 genes.

Edward Weinstein, PhD, CEO of Canopy Biosciences, said “Canopy is excited to be able to offer NanoString services. NanoString instruments are costly, which has limited the access to this powerful technology for many researchers. Not only can we now offer the technology to all researchers, but we’ve also simplified the complex ordering process and can provide complete data analysis for our customers.”

Canopy’s NanoString service can be ordered directly from its website at

About Canopy Biosciences

Canopy Biosciences was formed in 2016, partnering with leading research institutions to turn their discoveries into tangible products and make them available to the entire research community. Canopy Biosciences was formed with investment from BioGenerator, an evergreen investor in the St. Louis region.

Canopy Biosciences is trademarked by Canopy Biosciences, LLC.


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