Canopy Biosciences and Enable Medicine Announce Partnership to Bring Advanced Spatial Analysis Pipelines to the ChipCytometry Platform

Enable Cloud Platform to be Available with Canopy CellScape System for High-Plex Spatial Biology

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, MENLO PARK, California — April 12, 2023 — Canopy Biosciences, a Bruker Company, and Enable Medicine, today announced a partnership to provide Enable Medicine’s advanced analysis pipelines for spatial omics data with the Canopy CellScape™ system for quantitative high-plex spatial biology. The partnership will add to the analytic capabilities of the CellScape system by providing options to use Enable Medicine’s advanced spatial analyses, including cluster analysis, neighborhood analysis and advanced data visualization, as well as efficient cloud-based computing, sharing, and data storage.

The Canopy CellScape system allows for quantitative, high-plex spatial proteomics imaging with leading quantitative performance. Enable Medicine’s Enable Cloud platform accelerates biological insights via advanced spatial analytics and cloud-based workflows for spatial biology. Integrating the Enable Cloud Platform into the CellScape system promises to significantly enhance and streamline analysis for discovery and translational research applications.



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