Bruker’s Canopy Biosciences Announces the Launch of CellScape™ Whole-Slide Imaging Chamber for Spatial Biology

Advancement for CellScape™ Precise Spatial Multiplexing offers maximal whole-slide imaging area on standard microscope slides and reduces reagent costs

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – April 3, 2024 – Canopy Biosciences, a Bruker company, today announced the launch of CellScape Whole-Slide Imaging Chamber, introducing whole-slide spatial biology to the versatile CellScape Precise Spatial Multiplexing platform. The new imaging chamber features a total imaging area of 710 mm2, the largest available window of microfluidic spatial biology instruments. The new imaging chamber also supports an overall reduction in reagent volumes required per sample.

CellScape Whole-Slide Imaging Chamber converts any standard microscope slide into a microfluidic chamber with integrated flow diverters to uniformly deliver reagents across entire tissue samples. This advancement enables maximal imaging area on any standard microscope slide and further reduces reagent costs per sample, providing a more adaptable and cost-effective workflow for high-plex spatial biology research relative to other platforms. Once data are collected from samples, an assembled CellScape Whole-Slide Imaging Chamber can be sealed, stored, and reexamined at a later point in time, enabling a hypothesis-driven approach to collecting high-plex spatial biology data.

“With this latest innovation, CellScape Whole-Slide Imaging Chamber provides an unparalleled imaging area using standard slides, and it will likely reduce our antibody volumes and costs in half,” said Sean Tracy, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation at University of Minnesota.

The expanded total imaging area also facilitates simultaneous antibody staining of large tissue sections or multiple samples on the same slide, increasing overall throughput and flexibility for spatial biology workflows. “CellScape already offers highly differentiated quantitative performance for spatial biology,” said Oliver Braubach, Director of Research and Development at Canopy Biosciences. “Now the platform also enables imaging of large tissues or tissue microarrays to conduct high plex spatial biology experiments that unlock deeper biological insights into tissue biology.”

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