The Next-Generation ChipCytometry Instrument

CellScape™ is an end-to-end solution for highly multiplexed spatial omics. Combining an advanced, purpose-built imaging system with easy-to-use fluidics for walk-away automation, the CellScape system will accelerate your exploration into the rapidly evolving field of spatial biology.

Highly Multiplexed

Highly Multiplexed

Measure virtually unlimited protein biomarkers on a single sample

Throughput and automation

Throughput and automation

Analyze four samples at a time with walk-away automation

Precision Imaging

Precision Imaging

Combine High Resolution and innovative High Dynamic Range for true single-cell quantification



Open-source reagents, no proprietary conjugations

Join the Spatial Revolution
with the most versatile and precise platform for spatial multiplexing.

Quantify Everything

Unique HDR image acquisition pipeline enables accurate quantification of both high- and low-expressing targets simultaneously.

See what you’ve been missing.

Ultra High Plex

Iterative staining and imaging for construction of assays with virtually unlimited number of targets.

Explore a ChipCytometry Dataset 21-Plex Human Breast Carcinoma

See how ChipCytometry works


Purpose-built optics delivers best-in-class speed and image quality for unparalleled spatial biology at scale.

Larger FOV means less time scanning, while maintaining best-in-class resolution.

With new optional FalconFAST Mode™, increase throughput by up to 8x.

Fully Automated

Integrated fluidics to scale your discovery from basic, to translational, and clinical studies. 4-gang sample holder for continuous data acquisition 24 hours per day.

Spatial Biology Without Limits

ChipCytometry uses standard antibodies with common fluorophores. Without proprietary antibody conjugations, assay customization is a breeze. Jump right in with your favorite antibodies and spend less time validating assays and more time analyzing data.

More details. More data. Less time.


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