Sample Guidelines for NanoString Services

Below are the guidelines for submitting samples to Canopy Biosciences for NanoString services. We accept isolated RNA and also offer RNA isolation for a fee. The guidelines listed here are recommendations; if your sample size and concentration is different, we are happy to discuss individual needs.

Samples should be shipped overnight on dry ice unless otherwise noted below. Please ensure they arrive on a weekday.

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Canopy Biosciences
C/O Celestine Dweni
4320 Forest Park Ave., Ste. 303
St. Louis, MO 63108

Any labeling schemes will be accepted; our preference is simple numerical order with sample identity in your attached sample key.

Isolated mRNA
For those who choose to isolate their own mRNA, it is recommended to send 400 ng of mRNA at a concentration of no less than 20 ng/µl (20 µl of 20 ng/µl RNA). Purified mRNA should be stored at -80°C prior to shipment. Please provide sample concentrations on the sample key. Sample concentration will be re-quantitated in-house using Qubit and Bioanalyzer to ensure RNA QC.

Tissue should be flash-frozen. We recommend 3 pea-sized pieces of tissue per sample, combined and shipped in a 1.5 ml Eppendorf tube and stored at -80°C prior to shipment.

When dissecting tumor tissue, attempt to minimize contamination from surrounding non-tumor/fatty tissue.

When dealing with PDX models (or similar), it is critical to ensure that you are only harvesting the implanted tissue without contaminating the desired tissue with host cells.

Collect blood samples according to standard procedures in tubes containing anticoagulant. Two tubes, with each tube containing 500 µl of anticoagulated blood and 1.3 ml of RNAlater, are recommended. Mix blood and RNAlater thoroughly by inverting the tubes several times. Store samples at at -20°C prior to shipment.

600 µl of serum or plasma is recommended. Samples should be stored at -80°C prior to shipment.

Cell Pellets
RNA quantity can vary between cell types. A minimum of 150,000 cells per sample is recommended. Cell pellets should be stored at -80°C prior to shipment.

For standard size FFPE blocks (approximately 10cm2 X 10cm2 ), please send six 10 µm curls in a single Eppendorf tube. Curls should be shipped with ice packs to prevent melting.

Slide-Mounted Tissues
Please inquire for preparation recommendations.

Please inquire for preparation recommendations.

**For all samples, we will contact you with any issues in RNA QC prior to run.
RNA isolation pricing: $900 for 12 samples
This document details the recommended sample preparation and shipping conditions for various sample types. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in quality control flags or the inability to obtain usable data from your samples.


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