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Canopy Biosciences offers several tools for your bioprocessing needs, from CHO cell line development to building you a custom HCP detection kit.

CHO Cell Line Engineering

  • Canopy Biosciences offers a comprehensive CHO cell line development service based on the CRISPR-Cas9 system.
  • We also can integrate TUNR sequences into your target gene in your CHO cell line, as well as take on more standard projects such as gene knockouts, targeted integrations, point mutations, and more.
  • To get started, please submit a project evaluation form.

Controlled Knock-Down of Host Cell Proteins

  • Knockdown essential CHO genes where knockout would result in lethality resulting in reduced HCPs.
  • The TUNR Flexible Gene Editing System from Canopy Biosciences allows you to precisely control the expression of your gene of interest.
  • Our kits are custom-designed for your project and include everything you need to tune gene expression in your CHO cell line.
  • Precisely tune gene expression from 100% all the way down to complete knockout.
  • Control endogenous gene expression.
Protein expression is reduced in a dose-dependent manner through insertion of TUNR polyA tracks in an HA-mCherry construct.

Figure 1. Quantification of western blot showing that the Insertion of polyA tracks in an HA-mCherry construct reduces protein expression in a dose-dependent manner. Insertion of 12 AAA codons (36 adenosines) results in the highest level of reduction, followed by (AAA)9 and then (AAA)6. Insertion of the alternative lysine codon AAG did not affect protein expression: quantification of western blot.

Canopy's HCP ELISA kit detected 2-8 fold more host cell proteins in three different drug solutions when compared to the main competitor kit.

Figure 2. The amount of HCP present in three different drug solutions (DS) (therapeutic antibodies, produced by CHO) was assessed using both the Canopy CHO HCP kit and the main competitor’s. Canopy’s antibody detected 2-8 fold more HCPs

Advanced CHO Host Cell Protein Detection Kits

Custom Host Cell Protein Detection Kits

  • FDA suggests that for all biologics projects going into Phase-III clinical trial, a process-specific HCP ELISA needs to be evaluated
  • Our process-specific HCP program has been used by numerous biotech companies worldwide
  • Let us create a custom HCP Detection kit for you using our Custom HCP kit service
  • 6-8 months turnaround time
  • To get started fill out a project evaluation form
Infographic of CHO RNA expression analysis by NanoString.

Figure 3. Barcoded reporter probes bind the target sequence along with capture probes which anchor the complex to a slide for counting. Barcodes are then identified and counted

Comprehensive RNA Expression Analysis of CHO Cells

  • Analyze the mRNA expression levels of up to 800 genes with Canopy’s NanoString services
  • Simply send us your CHO cells, list of genes, and we’ll return a detailed gene expression report in few as two weeks
  • We can also provide a Comprehensive Data Analysis Report to help evaluate pathways that have been up or down regulated


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