Canopy brings CRISPR technology within the reach of millions of researchers worldwide.

Canopy BiosciencesTM, LLC, an established provider of gene editing and personalized medicine technologies, today announced the introduction of a new catalog of over 2000 knockout cell lines and cell lysates. The cell line catalog has been generated using CRISPR-Cas9 technology and provides researchers in both academia and industry with an affordable means to investigate gene function in highly relevant cells. The catalog consists of over 2,000 sequence-verified knockout cell line clones in a variety of commonly-used cell line backgrounds. They are provided as either live cells or cell lysates.

CRISPR has revolutionized gene editing, but not everyone has both the access and ability to master this complicated technology. “Canopy has been focused on lowering the barriers of entry to CRISPR, which have included expertise, expense, and relevant end products” said Kevin Gamber, PhD, Vice President of Marketing. “Researchers no longer need to become expert in the intricacies of gene editing or spend tens of thousands of dollars to outsource, or compromise with niche and unusual cell backgrounds. Instead, our portfolio of cell lines will allow scientists quick and easy access to edited cell lines on widely-used backgrounds to advance their research for a fraction of the cost.”

Genetic engineering/gene editing is a core technology used across the globe, exploding in popularity over the past year. Canopy Biosciences has a broad portfolio of gene editing products and a network of global distributors that allows worldwide access for all research purposes. Canopy obtained dual licenses for the CRISPR-Cas9 technology from both The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and UC Berkeley. As a result, researchers using Canopy’s products and services lack the concerns around intellectual property experienced by researchers purchasing from unlicensed and singly-licensed providers. The new knockout cell lines and lysates are available to purchase immediately from Canopy’s website,


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