Canopy’s Interactive Data Analysis Package

Featuring ROSALIND™ powered by ONRAMP™

  • Deeper insights into data with pathway analysis
  • Collaborative space to share data with teams across the globe
  • Intuitive user interface provides quick interpretation of experimental data
  • Data and publication-ready images available for download

Dynamic Data

Visualization and interpretation utilizing over 50 integrated knowledge bases for pathways, annotations, and protein interactions enables deeper insights into your data.

With heat maps, volcano plots and pathway mapping, your figure generation has never been easier. Dynamic visualization allows instant adjustments to the gene display in the associated figures.

Differential Gene Expression

Assess changes between treatment or experimental groups with differential gene expression analysis. Volcano plots, heat maps and fold changes identify critical genes and highlight experimental impacts. ROSALIND™ visualization allows you to view the impact of specific genes to gain a deeper understanding of your data.

Pathway Analysis & Exploration

The Rosalind platform provides access to best-in-class data visualization and pathway interpretation. With enrichment in over 50 leading knowledge bases, you have the most comprehensive coverage of pathway interrogation. Dynamic and interactive analysis of your data allows you to interrogate target genes and pathways specific to your research in real time.

Quality Control Data

Careful assessment of QC info is helpful when interpreting differential expression. The QC plots included in the Rosalind™ platform are easy to understand. With a heatmap indicating data correlation, a violin plot displaying distribution, an MDS plot providing proximity patterns and a bar graph displaying controls, you can quickly assess your samples and run performance.

Intuitive interface, easy collaboration

The Rosalind™ platform powered by ONRAMP™ is a very user friendly interface. With icons and tool tips, tutorials and videos, and statistical overviews, this software helps even a novice gain powerful insights into complex experiments and data sets.

You can easily share your project space with others in your team to collaborate on the results and next steps. Data images, spreadsheets and other files are available for immediate download.


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