Immunohistochemistry and Histopathology Services

Canopy Biosciences’ CLIA-certified laboratory specializes in IHC, histopathology and molecular analysis to accelerate your time to drug approval.

Canopy Core Laboratory is your trusted, CLIA-certified resource for biopharmaceutical research, custom assay development, clinical sample testing, and quality data and reporting.

IHC Services from Canopy Biosciences

Access our full suite of services to detect and analyze proteins and nucleic acids across a variety of traditional and novel histopathology techniques:

  • Routine and special histology staining
  • Biomarker testing and custom assay development
  • Pathologist-guided tumor scoring and macro-dissection
  • Quality data reporting and pathologist review
  • Tissue procurement and specimen management
  • Routine slide preparation: specimen fixation, embedding and sectioning

Custom or Optimized Assays

Canopy’s Core Lab has extensive experience in IHC and histopathology assays. With custom assay development capabilities, we can work with clients to design an assay to their requirements, procure stains or antibodies, and transfer protocols. Need a service provider to run your assay? Canopy’s scientists routinely provide IHC and histopathology workflows and work with clients all over the world, from big pharma to small and virtual biotechs.

A CLIA-certified lab provides the highest quality analysis for your study with pathologist-guided image review as needed. From routine H&E staining, common markers such as Ki67, CD4 and CD8, or custom marker development – we can be your partner for the duration of your study.

Validated IHC Assays

Our list of validated IHC assays is constantly changing, here is a snapshot of several common assays we’ve validated.

If you do not see your marker, let us know and we will develop an assay for you.

Validated IHC Assays

Histopathology Services

  • Tissue processing, grossing, paraffin embedding and sectioning, tissue arrays
  • Routine and special stains
  • Pathology review of slides and tumor scoring by board-certified pathologist
  • Pathology guided macro-dissection for nucleic acid isolation

Looking to develop a molecular strategy for your high-throughput gene expression studies?

Employing both standard and cutting-edge platforms from Fluidigm and NanoString®, we offer solutions for the high-throughput gene expression needs of our clients. The nCounter® and the Biomark™ HD systems allow for rapid expression analysis of hundreds of genes from thousands of samples.
Readily analyze large numbers of clinical trial samples. From nucleic acid extraction to gene expression analysis — we have you covered.

Immunofluorescence Assays

Biomarker discovery assays with fluorescent conjugated antibodies are an integral part of drug discovery and translational research. Whether we use your favorite antibody or you need us to source one that works in your sample, we have expertise in antibody validation and optimization.


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