Single-Cell Spatial Profiling Services

With NanoString® CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager

We offer clinical research services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic communities by adopting cutting-edge multiomics platforms. While maintaining the core functionality of a standard histology laboratory, our full range of custom services support projects with any objective. Partner with us to accelerate your research, knowing we have the flexibility and expertise to perform your experiment.

Your Partner for Single-Cell Imaging

Reveal deeper biological insights from your samples.

Understanding different cell types, how cells behave with one another, and their purpose enhances our ability to interpret biology and disease. Using the CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI), we can comprehensively map single cells in their native environment and extract deeper biological insights from a single experiment.

Cell segmentation using CosMx SMI.

Platform Highlights

  • High-plex panels: more cell types, cell states and biological pathways with panels targeting 100-1000 RNA transcripts, and a 64-plex protein panel
  • High Resolution: single-cell analysis at subcellular level
  • Multiomic: all-in-one system for both RNA and protein

CosMx Panels Available

  • 100-plex Human Immuno-Oncology RNA Panel
  • 1000-plex Human Universal Cell Characterization RNA Panel
  • 64-plex Human Immuno-Oncology Protein Panel

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You can send your samples to us and we’ll provide your lab with an end-to-end solution for single-cell spatial profiling projects.

The CosMx Workflow

The CosMx SMI workflow is easy to use with customizable panels and scanning area. Single-cell data is generated from intact fresh frozen (FF) or FFPE tissues revealing deeper insights from a single experiment. Spatial applications include cell atlasing and typing, biomarker discovery, disease state, tissue microenvironment, and ligand-receptor interaction. The integrated data analysis via NanoString’s AtoMx provides cloud-based, scalable data viewer for more powerful discovery.

High Plex Imaging. CosMx SMI delivers ultra high plex technology to image and quantify 1000 RNA and 64 Protein targets at single-cell resolution, enabling cell typing and pathway analysis to resolve cell state, cell function, cell-cell interactions and highly informative cell signaling.

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