CLIA Certified Services

CORE Diagnostics became part of the Canopy family in late 2019. The newly combined company now offers a broad menu of services to customers which includes CLIA certified lab services. Our CLIA capabilities present key solutions for customers doing pre-clinical and clinical work in biomarker analysis and translational research.

Histopathology & IHC Services by Board-Certified Pathologists

We offer typical pathology services such as tissue processing, paraffin embedding and sectioning, but our core competency lies in our board-certified pathologists, who review slides, score tumors and guide macrodissections. We develop and perform custom IHC and enzyme assays as well as routine stains. Our suite of services include:

  • Tissue processing, grossing, paraffin embedding, and sectioning
  • Routine and special stains
  • Pathologist review of slides
  • Pathology guided microdissection for nucleic acid isolation
  • Pathologist slide scoring and tumor content marking
  • Assay development

We employ open IHC platforms to develop, test and validate custom protocols using new or client provided antibodies. Our IHC services are performed in our CLIA laboratory using client transferred protocols or ones developed in-house under customer direction for the analysis of research and clinical trial samples. All assay development and validation studies are guided by our board-certified pathologists.

Clinical Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Services

We offer a broad menu of FISH and mutational analysis tests spanning a wide spectrum of solid tumors including breast, prostate, colon, lung, brain and cervical cancers. With BioView’s Allegro™ fluorescent imaging system and Solo™ workstation for FISH analysis, we can provide novel and routine FISH assay development, optimization and validation. This imaging system makes capture and transfer of images to clients easy and seamless.

We also specialize in assay scoring guideline creation and molecular cytogenetic strategy development. In partnership with Advanced Cell Diagnostics, we offer RNA in-situ hybridization assays for the detection of both coding and non-coding RNA.

Mutational Analysis

We develop molecular strategies for mutational analysis by designing and executing assays utilizing real-time PCR and Sanger sequencing. Our BioMark™ HD system from Fluidigm’s microfluidics platform is ideal for gene fusion analysis, SNP genotyping and copy number variation assays.

We also offer services for development and validation of gene expression assays on ABI real-time PCR systems.

Our combined suite of platforms coupled with our experience in pathologist-directed recovery of nucleic acid samples from slides enables us to use multiple platforms to identify and characterize mutations.


Canopy Biosciences and Core Diagnostics have both been premier providers of NanoString Services. As an early adopter of the technology in our CLIA certified lab, we have been performing assays on the nCounter platform since 2014 and are recognized as a service lab provider by NanoString. In partnership with NanoString, we have been trained to offer all of the technologies they list on their website.

NanoString’s nCounter instrument offers digital quantification of RNA based on color-coded barcodes. This enables high throughput analysis of hundreds of genes in a single sample and the limited hands on time allows us to run thousands of research and clinical samples.

Nucleic Acid Extraction Services

Our team has experience and in-depth knowledge in how to isolate nucleic acids from a wide variety of samples. Tumor areas of FFPE sections delineated by our board-certified pathologists, DNA and RNA isolation from slides, extraction from clinical patient blood samples for NanoString gene expression assays are just a few examples of isolations common to our CLIA certified lab. Our menu of RNA extraction services includes common sample types as well as complex clinical samples.

  • blood
  • fresh frozen
  • FFPE
  • Serum and plasma
  • Cell pellets

With the combination of our histopathology services, nucleic acid isolation, and gene expression analysis, Canopy is your partner for research and clinical biomarker analysis and immune profiling.


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