ChipCytometry – Tissue:

Multiplex Biomarker Analysis for Tissues

  • High multiplexing of biomarkers for analysis of Human Tissue Samples
  • Visualize & quantify the spatial distribution of key immune cells within the tissue sample
  • Easy-to-use service offerings with support to clinical trials and basic research

A menu of 40+ validated biomarkers in human tumor tissue

  • Gather complex phenotypic data by multiplexing virtually unlimited biomarkers for tissue samples
  • Custom assay development for any additional biomarker


FCS high resolution imaging example

Single-cell resolution

  • AI-powered cell segmentation software enables identification and quantification of fluorescence values for each individual cell
  • Key cell populations are quantified with single-cell precision, each cell is phenotyped individually

Store your valuable samples for up to 2 years

  • Sample integrity is conserved throughout data collection
  • Proprietary ZellSafe Chip technology allows for samples to be stored for up to 2 years
  • Reinterrogate your biobanked samples for additional biomarkers at any time

Simple & comprehensive service offerings

  • Easy and reliable sample preparation
  • Comprehensive assay menu for additional biomarker analysis
  • Custom assays available for any antibody / biomarker target
  • Receive analysis report and full .fcs raw data files



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