PanCancer IO 360


Being able to reliably identify and assess TIL populations is critical in assessing immunotherapy efficacy. The NanoString’s Mouse PanCancer IO 360 panel allows you to measure the abundance of immune cell populations within the tumor microenvironment. Tumor models that possess a competent immune system, such as syngeneic models have shown to be a reliable tool in understanding the relationship between the complex interplay between the tumor and host immunity.

The mouse PanCancer IO 360 panel is a novel tool engineered specifically for assessing immunotherapy efficacy in syngeneic mouse tumor models. With Canopy’s Immuno-Oncology service, researchers that were once limited by sample type and low throughput technology are now able to conduct high throughput robust analysis with a wide variety of sample types including FFPE tissue.

Panel benefits


Specifically designed for Immunotherapy efficacy studies using syngeneic mouse tumor models


Can conduct Immune cell abundance scoring on a wide variety of sample types


Can assess mechanistic pathway activity for single or combination studies

Tumor-Microenvironment-Immune Response

Tumor ImmunogenicityTumor Sensitivity to Immune AttackInhibitory Immune
Stromal FactorsInhibitory MetabolismAnti-Tumor Immune ActivityInhibitory Immune SignalingImmune Cell Population Abundance
Antigen Processing MachineryApoptosisIDO1
Gene Expression
Endothelial CellsGlycolysisCytotoxicityCTLA4 Gene ExpressionB Cells
Antigen Presenting Machinery Expression LossTumor ProliferationPD-L1
Gene Expression
Stromal Tissue AbundanceHypoxiaInterferon Gamma SignalingCTLA4 Gene ExpressionCD45+ Cells
ImmunoproteasomeJAK-STAT Pathway Gene Expression LossPD-L1
Gene Expression
Interferon Signaling ResponseInflammatory ChemokinesCD8 T Cells
MAGE Genes ExpressionB7-H3
Gene Expression
Lymphoid Compartment ActivityMyeloid-Derived Inflammatory SignalingCytotoxic Cells
Loss of Mismatch Repair Gene ExpressionTGF-Beta
Gene Expression
MHC Class II Antigen PresentationPD-1 Gene ExpressionDendritic Cells
Myeloid Compartment ActivityPD-L2 Gene ExpressionExhausted CD8 Cells
TIGIT Gene ExpressionMacrophages
ARG1 Gene ExpressionMast Cells
NOS2 Gene ExpressionNeutrophils
NK CD56dim Cells
Natural Killer Cell Abundance
T Cell Abundance
TH1 Cell (TBX21/T-bet) Expression
Treg (FOXP3 Expression)

Genes in panel

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Published use of this panel

Danaher, Patrick, et al. “Gene expression markers of Tumor Infiltrating Leukocytes.” Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 5.1 (2017): 18.


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