Error corrected sequencing improves identification of pre-leukemic subclones when compared to standard next generation sequencing.


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Increase the sensitivity of your NGS experiment 100X to discover what you’ve never been able to measure. RareSeq™ sample prep methodology and NGS data analysis service is now available, giving researchers the accuracy and sensitivity they’ve been looking for.

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Separate the Signal from the Noise

Standard NGS methodology introduces errors during PCR and the sequencing workflow. These errors result in noise that makes it challenging to differentiate between errors and true variants. RareSeq™ NGS data analysis services uncovers these true variants.

RareSeq™ eliminates the noise.

Infographic of the steps invovlved in RareSeq error corrected sequencing.

How it Works

We use a proprietary unique molecular index strategy combined with a custom bioinformatics pipeline to identify ultra-rare variants- down to 1:10,000. Sequencing errors are corrected by aligning reads sharing the same UMI. RareSeq™ NGS data analysis service eliminates false positives while maintaining the highest level of sensitivity on the market.

Ultra-sensitive and Quantitative

Detect and quantitate previously undetectable mutations in heterogeneous DNA with RareSeq™. Quantitative to a variant allele frequency (VAF) of 1:10,000, RareSeq™ is a highly reproducible and sensitive to identify indels and SNVs.

RareSeq enables ultra-sensitive quantification of variant allele frequency (VAF).

Accuracy and Precision

The error rate of NGS has been reported to be between 1-3%. Ensuring variant detection is accurate, RareSeq™ is validated by ddPCR demonstrating the high degree of correlation in identified variant allele fractions (VAFs).

RareSeq™ error corrected NGS service

TruSight® Myeloid Panel covers 54 genes found to be mutated in hematologic malignancies.

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