PCR 20/20

See your PCR results like never before by improving specificity, sensitivity, and overall yield with PCR 20/20 multiplex PCR reagents

  • Eliminate false-positive issues/costs
  • Clean up PCR reactions prior to NGS
  • Critical for multiplex PCR reactions
  • Drastically improve low input PCR

Simple to use: just add directly to your polymerase

Don’t waste time & cost performing PCR without PCR 20/20

Add a level of control to DNA polymerases and reverse transcriptases that can drastically improve your PCR results and downstream readouts like NGS

Multiplex PCR Optimized

Take another look at your results using PCR 20/20 reagents. You might just see the answer you’ve been looking for.

Consider PCR 20/20 as a standard component for all multiplex PCR

DNA agarose gel depicting the lack of primer dimer formation with addition of PCR20/20.
DNA agarose gel of PCR products of a multiplex PCR reaction with and without PCR20/20 addition.

The perfect addition to your NGS library prep

  • Make the most of your NGS run by improving your library prep with PCR 20/20
  • PCR 20/20 has been demonstrated to work with multiple HiFi polymerases
  • Especially critical to increase target yield for low input samples

PCR 20/20

  • Controls DNA polymerases to prevent primer dimers
  • Prevents mispriming resulting in incorrrect products
  • Stronger signals through more efficient priming
  • Demonstrated to work with many DNA polymerases, including significant improvement to hot start enzymes
  • Starting at $150 for 500 units


DNA agarose gel depicting imrpoved amplification of the correct PCR product with PCR20/20 addition.

PCR 20/20 PLUS

  • Boost your PCR even further with PCR 20/20 PLUS
  • Addition of Focus reagent controls DNA polymerases during annealing & extension to prevent off-target amplification
  • Especially critical for low input and multiplex PCR reactions
  • Starting at $250 for 500 units


PCR 20/20 RT

  • Controls reverse transcriptases to prevent off-target amplification
  • Increases specificity & yield
  • Demonstrated to work with both one-step and two-step RT reactions
  • Starting at $150 for 250 units


PCR 20/20:

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