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Bioinformatics platform developed by Percayai™

  • A unique integration of novel heuristics and machine learning
  • Organizes complex multi-omic data sets in a highly contextual manner
  • Explore the entire biological landscape of your data in an interactive 3D format
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Interpretable knowledge…not lists

The 3D interactive viewer allows you to view the up-and-down associations in your data with spatial relationships and interconnectivity.

In current tools, data outputs may be as overwhelming as the input lists. CompBio displays a unified and interconnected view of contextually-relevant themes.

Computer screen showing 3D image of spatial connectivity between key pathways in experimental data demonstrating ball and stick version of data
Funnel image of multi-omic data input into CompBio and process that results in integrated visual description of underlying biology


COMPBIO is a program designed to analyze large complex biological data sets by algorithmically mimicking the interpretative thought process. Created by computational biologists with disease domain expertise for use in the interpretation of multi-omics data, COMPBIO displays the data in a visual way that outlines the underlying biology at play.

Accelerate the discovery and hypothesis generation process with COMPBIO

Workflow image outlines limitations of data analysis from sequencing to interpretation including automated and human intervention processes

  • Breadth & Depth: Query each entity against all 30M PubMed publications every time
  • Context: Rank prioritization of the biology
  • Time: From raw data to actionable hypothesis in hours, not weeks
  • Traceability: Not a black box. Don’t believe the results? Drill down and read source papers directly from CompBio to see how and why conclusions were made
  • Accuracy: Make the correct hypothesis the first time
  • Next Steps: Plan the continuation of your study with actionable data

COMPBIO at Canopy Biosciences

COMPBIO has been added to Canopy’s comprehensive data analysis services. With the ability to look at multi-omics data, you can now combine your NanoString and RNA Seq data in a single analysis, giving you full picture biology.

Canopy offers several tiers of data analysis via CompBio to ensure you have the right level of data analysis you need for your experiement.

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Ball-and-stick spatial view of gene association with theme color legend

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